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Srinivas Aravamudan, Enlightenment Orientalism

Date: Friday, February 20, 2015 – 4:00pm – 6:00pm Location: FHI Garage – C105, Bay 4, Smith Warehouse Please join us for a panel discussion on Srinivas Aravamudan’s Enlightenment Orientalism: Resisting the Rise of the Novel (University of Chicago Press, 2011). PANEL: – Fredric Jameson, Professor of the Program in Literature, Duke University – Charlotte S Sussman, Associate Professor of English, Duke University – Roberto Dainotto, Professor of Romance Studies, Italian Studies, Duke University – Madeleine Dobie, Associate Professor of French, Columbia University – William B. Warner, Professor of English; Director, Early Modern Center, University of California, Santa Barbara Jointly hosted by the Duke University Libraries, Faculty Bookwatch is a series that celebrates notable recent books by…

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Graduate Certificate Courses–Fall 2015

ENG 890S: Modernism & the Recovery of Tradition: T. S. Eliot’s Spiritual Poetics Monday 6:15pm-8:45pm With the ongoing publication of Eliot’s complete prose writings, we are at long last also in possession of Eliot’s wide-ranging engagement of issues and debates in theology, philosophy, literature, and social thought. Our seminar will draw on a number of Eliot’s prose…

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Hannah Arendt: A Symposium

Part of the PAL Intellectual Women Series Thurs. April 9 5pm-7pm Reception at 4:30pm FHI Garage Smith Warehouse Bay 4 Duke University The Bechdel Task:  Arendt, Von Trotta, and Representing Women’s Lives by Lori Marso (Political Science, Gender Studies, Union College) Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Extrasubjectivity by Ella Myers (Political Science, Gender Studies, University of Utah)

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The Age of the Crisis of Man

The Age of the Crisis of Man: Thought and Fiction in America, 1933-1973 by Mark Grief 4-6pm FHI Garage Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, First Floor Duke University Reception to Follow   A book presentation by the author   Respondents: Myles Oldershaw (English) Jacob Soule (Literature) Brian Valentyn (English/Thompson Writing Program)   One of Flavorwire’s 10 Must-Read Academic Books for…

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Call for Proposals for 2015 -­ 16 CONCEPTS, FIGURES, ART FORMS A New Series of PAL/FHI Faculty Seminars at Duke DEADLINE: April 15 , 2015 We are delighted to invite proposals for two PAL/FHI interdisciplinary seminars under the rubric CONCEPTS, FIGURES, ART FORMS . These seminars have been developed to honor the humanities’ commitment to historically based knowledge. Thus, all proposals should have a historical dimension . The seminars should convene in the academic year 2015/16 , beginning in the fall semester . The “ Concepts, Figures, Art Forms ” collaboration between PAL and FHI is a central element of a new series of FHI Seminars in Historical, Global, and…

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7th Ludwig Wittgenstein Summer School 2015

PAL would like to announce: 7th Ludwig Wittgenstein Summer School 2015 (Cora Diamond, James Conant) This year’s Ludwig Wittgenstein Summer School (for university students in philosophy) will be held in Kirchberg, Austria August 5-8 and will be co-taught by Cora Diamond and Jim Conant. The topic this year is Wittgenstein on Following a Rule: Philosophical Investigations, Sections 185-242. See below for more information. The deadline for applications is March 30.   5th – 8th of August 2015 in Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria Wittgenstein on Following a Rule: Philosophical Investigations, Sections 185-242 With: Cora Diamond (Charlottesville) and James Conant (Chicago) Scientific Organization and Direction: Volker A. Munz (Klagenfurt)

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NEW DATES: Klinkenborg & Writing is Thinking

PAL is happy to announce that Writing is Thinking 2015 with Verlyn Klinkenborg has been rescheduled for Mar 19 & Mar 20 in a new location! Check back for more information soon! EVENT INFO: Writing is Thinking 2015 **NEW DATE **NEW LOCATION The Writer at Work: A workshop Thurs March 19 4:30pm Reception 5-7pm Event The Edge Bostock Library, First Floor Duke University The Language of Place: A lecture Friday March 20 10am The Edge Bostock Library, First Floor Duke University

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