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PAL Writing is Thinking 2014-2015

In 2014-2015 PAL is hosting our third biennial Writing is Thinking Young Scholars Workshop. This year, in addition to our spring workshop and lectures, PAL has inaugurated the first year of sponsored Graduate Student Writing Groups. We have 11 PAL-sponsored groups meeting this year.  This page is an overview of past and future WIT events…

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Graduate Certificate Courses–Spring 2015

ENG 545S: Romantic Aesthetic Theory and Aesthetics According to a well-known–and largely accurate–narrative, the study of “aesthetics” was invented in the eighteenth century, and then consolidated in the Romantic era. This course is intended to provide an introduction to this narrative of the emergence of aesthetics as a realm of study, and we will accordingly focus on the…

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In Memoriam Kaila Brown

Photo from Duke Chronicle, courtesy of John and Penni Brown Kaila Brown was PAL Assistant Director from 2010-2013. Her friends and colleagues at the Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature and the Franklin Humanities Institute remember Kaila with warmth and love as we mourn her death on Sunday September 21, 2014. She was a vibrant,…

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Kafka Lectures

You are invited to attend the public lectures sponsored by the PAL/FHI Seminar “Whose Kafka?” Fall 2014.   All lectures will be held in the FHI Garage, Smith Warehouse Bay 4 EXCEPT the Dec 11 lecture, which will be in Smith Warehouse 117, Bay 6.  “Kafka, Crusoe, Colonialism, and the Logic of Cannibalism” A lecture by…

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PAL Writing Groups 2014-2015

  In the humanities, writing is at the very heart of an academic’s intellectual life. The struggle to find the right words is also a struggle to find the right analysis, the right perspective, the right claims. Writing is not something we do after we have worked it all out: if writing is so hard,…

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PAL for Graduate Students: Happy Hour!

Monday Sept 8 5pm FHI Garage Smith Warehouse Bay 4 Duke University   You are invited to come enjoy a signature cocktail and learn more about the Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature’s Graduate Student events for 2014-15. Meet students from various humanities departments, explore the PAL Certificate Program, and discover opportunities to join PAL’s exciting…

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Kafka & the Kafkaesque

PAL/FHI Seminar “Whose Kafka? Multiplicity, Reception, and Interpretation” presents:  Kafka & the Kafkaesque Film Series   All films will be shown on Mondays at 7pm in the FHI Garage, Smith Warehouse Bay 4, Duke University. Please rsvp to Oct 6th:  Steven Soderbergh, Kafka Michael Valdez Moses will be introducing a special screening of Steven Soderbergh’s 1991 cult…

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Symposium on Action

Sept 25-26th Duke University PAL Graduate Certificate Steering committee member Thomas Pfau, along with Vivasvan Soni at Northwestern, has organized the Symposium on Action. This is the second in a series of symposia that began with last year’s Symposium on Judgment. Invited speakers include Sarah Beckwith, Stanley Hauerwas, John McGowan, Thomas Pfau, Gretchen Reydams-Schils, and Christopher Yeomans.…

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PAL Fall 2014 Events

  Download schedule as PDF:  PAL Fall Events Flyer 2014   Sept 8, 5pm.  PAL for Graduate Students! Happy Hour! Come enjoy a signature cocktail, find out about the exciting new PAL Writing Groups project, and rediscover the PAL Graduate Certificate (all the PAL Certificate professors will be there!) 5:00pm Happy Hour & Mixer 5:30pm PAL…

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