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Fall 2014 PAL Certificate Courses

LIT 681S – WITTGENSTEINIAN PERSPECTIVES ON LITERARY THEORY–Tu 3:05PM – 5:35PM   Key questions in literary theory reconsidered from the point of view of ordinary language philosophy (Wittgenstein, J. L. Austin, Cavell). Topics will vary, but may include: meaning, language, interpretation, intentions, fiction, realism and representation, voice, writing, the subject, the body, the other, difference…

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Grammatical Stirrings II: Threads of the Inner and Outer

Reading Cavell’s The Claim of Reason–Threads of the Inner and Outer Close-reading the first third of Part Four of The Claim of Reason with Richard Fleming. Download excerpts: The Claim of Reason–Source Texts  Friday, March 21 Morning Session: 10am-12:30pm SkepticismCriteriaDisappointmentPrivacyExpression Lunch Provided (RSVP to Afternoon Session: 2pm-5pm WordsOthersAnxietyAcceptanceOrdinary Dinner party to follow. (Everyone is invited. RSVP to…

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Grammatical Stirrings I: Listening to Cage

  Listening to Cage ExperimentationChanceSilenceAnarchism A Lecture by Richard Fleming Thursday, March 20 4:30pm FHI Garage Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, 1st Floor Duke University Reception to follow in the Audiovisualities Lab Richard Fleming will also lead a workshop/seminar Friday Mar 21 on Cavell’s The Claim of Reason. Richard Fleming is an ordinary language philosopher and…

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Philosophical Inquiry and the Humanities

Philosophical Inquiry and the Humanities: History, Literature, Feminism Two Public Lectures, part of the 5th Annual PAL Young Scholars Workshop “Issues of Fictional Realism in the Later Iris Murdoch” Sabina Lovibond, Women’s Studies, Oxford “Bernard Williams, History, and the Impurity of Philosophy” Richard Moran, Philosophy, Harvard Thursday, Feb 6 5:30-7:45pm Reception at 5pm FHI Garage…

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Young Scholars Workshop 2014

PAL’s 5th Annual Young Scholars Workshop: Philosophical Inquiry and the Humanities: History, Literature, and Feminism Feb 6th—Feb 7th Invited and local Young Scholars have the opportunity to work closely with visiting speakers Richard Moran, Philosophy, Harvard and Sabina Lovibond, Women’s Studies, Oxford. Download the PAL Young Scholars 2014 Application. Application includes the full schedule for the workshop and description…

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“Music and Painting”: A lecture by Lydia Goehr

“Music and Painting: Reviewing the Mediums of Voice, Ear, and Instrument” A lecture by Lydia Goehr Thursday Jan 23  5:30pm FHI Garage Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, 1st Floor Duke University Reception at 5pm. Lydia Goehr is Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University. Part of the Musicology Lecture Series Spring 2014 Presented by the Center for…

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PAL Forum Series: My Wittgenstein

Tuesdays, Spring 2014 January 14, March 4, April 8 Duke faculty discuss Wittgenstein’s deep, sometimes implicit, but pervasive influence on their own work and vision of the world. Join us for conversation about our intellectual journeys with influential texts. My Wittgenstein with Toril Moi   Tuesday, Jan 14 5:30pm Reception at 5pm. FHI Garage Smith Warehouse, Bay…

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