PAL has many different types of events, including lectures, symposia, workshops and PAL Forums.

The PAL Forum is a place for informal discussions, readings, movie showings, and/or presentations of works in progress. The PAL Forum is often used as a place to prepare for an upcoming PAL event, or as a place to further discuss a recent PAL event. There are typically two or three meetings during a semester on Tuesdays at 7pm in the Smith Warehouse Garage. The meetings last around two hours and are usually catered. We are always looking for new ideas for Forums, so please use the form below or email Heather Wallace if you have a suggestion for a theme, topic, book, article or film or use.

The Annual Young Scholars workshop is an event (or series of events) that occurs every spring and is a place for young scholars working on ordinary language philosophy in relation to literature and other arts, or in relation to more general problems in the humanities. The workshop is open to young scholars (graduate students, recent PhDs and junior faculty) from Duke and other universities around the world. The workshop usually has a theme and is aimed to inspire and support exciting new work, and to build a national and international community of scholars in the field. Workshop participants typically submit writings, available to the entire group, in order to gain feedback. The workshop can also contain public lectures in addition to the closed events for participants only. The workshop alternates each year between “Theme-Focused” and “Writing is Thinking.”

Almost all of PAL’s events take place in the Smith Warehouse Garage, located in Bay 4, 1st Floor, Room C107 on Duke University’s Campus.