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The PAL Graduate Certificate seeks to connect the study of specific works of art and specific art forms (e.g., literature, music, theater, painting, film) to questions concerning creativity, the nature of specific art forms, the relationship between knowledge and art, and between ethics and aesthetics. The Certificate aims to make students conversant with philosophical reflections on literature and the arts. The Certificate seeks to foster an understanding of the historical nature of different art forms, and of aesthetics and philosophy, and to encourage exploration of philosophy, art and literature from different historical periods.

The Certificate is designed to provide students with a firm grounding in the research skills required to enable them to intervene in contemporary debates within the field and to encourage them to consider their own field of study from an inter- or cross-disciplinary approach.

The Certificate is for students enrolled in graduate Ph.D. programs at Duke.. It is not possible to take it as a free-standing course of study. (One reason for this is that we don’t have the resources to supply enough courses per year for someone to take it full time.)

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Further questions? Contact Toril Moi, DGS and Director of PAL