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Writing is Thinking: Writing as a Way of Life in the Academy Part I

2nd Annual Young Scholars Workshop 2011

Writing is Thinking: Writing as a Way of Life in the Academy

This 2-part writing event and workshop was sponsored by the Center for Philosophy, Arts and Literature (PAL), The Thompson Writing Program and the Graduate School at Duke University.

The 2nd Annual PAL Young Scholars Workshop was designed to help graduate students and new PhDs in the humanities and social sciences with the perennial problems of crafting research topics and writing in a sustainable (and pleasurable!) manner. It provided a unique opportunity for young scholars at Duke to develop their craft and to get inspiration for their future life of writing and thinking. Two day-long sessions were held – on Friday January 28th and Friday April 8th in 2011. Each day was be divided into two parts: the morning event, which was free and open to the public; and the afternoon workshop, which was limited to 15 participants (Duke Graduate Students).

Part I – January 28, 2011

On Friday January 28 from 9:30am to 12:30pm, short presentations were given by Nancy Bauer (Tufts University), Sarah Beckwith (Duke University), Toril Moi (PAL), Kristen Neuschel (Thompson Writing Program), Bernard Rhie (Williams College) and Aaron Sachs (Cornell University), focusing on two key themes: writing as thinking, and writing as a way of life in the academy. The speakers then conducted a workshop in the afternoon with the fifteen Young Scholars Workshop participants.

See the March Graduate School Newsletter to read the text of Professor Toril Moi’s “Writing as a Way of Life in the Academy” presentation from Part I.

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