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A Matter of Form: Aesthetic Judgement and Feeling in Kant

On October 1st, 2012

Keren Gorodeisky (Philosophy, Auburn University and current fellow at the National Humanities Center) gave the lecture “A Matter of Form: Aesthetic Judgement and Feeling in Kant” with comments by Andrew Janiak (Philosophy, Duke)

Keren Gorodeisky works on aesthetics, Kant, judgment, Post-Kantian German philosophy, skepticism and questions concerning the relation between philosophy and literature. Currently she is writing a manuscript on the form of Kant’s notion of the judgment of beauty, as distinct from the forms of theoretical and practical judgments. She is also developing a reconstruction of the philosophy of the “Early German Romantics.” She is the 2012-13 Phillip Quinn Fellow at the National Humanities Center.

Among her papers are:
“A New Look at Kant’s Account of Testimony” (The British Journal of Aesthetics, 50 (2010): 53-70)
“A Tale of Two Faculties” (The British Journal of Aesthetics, 51 (2011): 415-436)
“(Re)encountering Individuality: Schlegel’s Romantic Imperative as a Response to Nihilism” (Inquiry, 54 (2011): 567-590)
“Schematizing Without a Concept? Imagine that!” Proceedings of the 11th International Kant Congress (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, forthcoming)
(Co-written with Kelly Jolley) “The Unboundedness of the Plain; or, the Ubiquity of Lilliput? How to Do Things with Thompson Clarke?” (Forthcoming)

Keren Gorodeisky P1010823

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