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The Humanities at Duke

April 25, 2013 – Let’s Meet to Discuss the Situation of The Humanities at Duke!

Many humanities faculty members have expressed concern about the situation of the humanities at Duke. It is time to come together to voice our concerns, and to brainstorm ideas for a constructive response.

Many new initiatives recently launched at Duke (e.g., Bass, Mellon, even FHI) encourage humanities faculty to develop new working methods, to engage in interdisciplinary projects crossing the divides between schools (not just between disciplines in the humanities), to use a lab model, to carry out “nimble and opportunistic” research, and to produce knowledge in “vertically integrated interdisciplinary teams.”

We are concerned that Duke’s humanities faculty have not been adequately heard about what methods of teaching and scholarship work best for them and for their students. We wish to restore faculty control over Duke’s humanities research agenda.

It is urgent for Duke humanities faculty to come together

As crucial parts of such conversations, we must:


Co-hosted by:
Nancy Armstrong (English)
Owen Flanagan (Philosophy)
Toril Moi (Literature)

Humanities Situation P1020277  P1020270

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