Monday Sept 8
FHI Garage
Smith Warehouse Bay 4
Duke University


You are invited to come enjoy a signature cocktail and learn more about the Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature’s Graduate Student events for 2014-15. Meet students from various humanities departments, explore the PAL Certificate Program, and discover opportunities to join PAL’s exciting new Graduate Writing Groups, open to all graduate students, whether you are a first year student or a dissertation writer. This could be the year you learn to write more effectively and with less stress!

5:00pm Happy Hour & Mixer with signature cocktails!
5:30pm PAL Certificate Information with Professors Thomas Pfau, Sarah Beckwith, Jacqueline Waeber, Owen Flanagan, Neil McWilliam, and Toril Moi
6:00pm Writing is Thinking PAL Writing Groups with Professors Jennifer Ahern-Dodson (TWP), Kristen Neuschel (TWP), and Toril Moi


PAL for Graduate Students

PAL strives to provide a relaxed yet intellectually exciting atmosphere, in which graduate students are invited to come together across disciplinary boundaries to explore questions of common interest. You don’t have to be committed to any of PAL’s core fields to find PAL a welcoming space. PAL encourages graduate students to come together to read and write, and to discuss works of intellectual interest in many disciplines.


WW_LogoCocktails provided by White Whale, a Durham company specializing in bold mixers.