The joint initiative of Duke’s PAL (Center for Philosophy, Art and Literature) and Stanford’s Phil+Lit (The Initiative in Philosophy and Literature) will be holding a conference 2018 at Stanford titled Interiorities: Reflecting Subjectivity and Sociality on April 27 – 28. We invite students at Duke to submit a brief bio and 250-word abstract by February 12, 2018. Participants will be notified in late February 2018. Confirmed speakers include Karla Oeler(Stanford University) andYi-Ping Ong (Johns Hopkins University).  Acceptance will include a bursary covering flight expenses to Stanford.
Please send abstracts to
What evidence can attest to the inner worlds of persons and characters? How do artists render these inner lives in various media? To what extent must we turn inward and reflect upon ourselves to reveal ourselves to others? In short, inasmuch as it makes sense to locate an interiority with respect to selfhood, how is it expressed, exposed, exteriorized?
Any externalization of interiority necessarily calls up questions of reflection, representation, and intentionality, as the inner worlds of subjects meet in the intersubjective fabric of the social world. How is this interaction of interior worlds reflected or mediated in art? How does the interior world mirror the external and vice versa? To what extent is the external reflection of interior worlds necessary for self-knowledge and sociality?
We invite papers that explore the complexities of interiority and sociality that pervade philosophy, art, and literature. We are especially interested in studies that illuminate the modes of thought and expression particular to these practices. Accordingly, we welcome a wide range of disciplinary orientations. Possible subjects include, but are not limited to the following: 
  • publicity, privacy, and intimacy
  • identity and alterity
  • interiority, affect, and emotion
  • skepticism and solipsism
  • intentions and motives
  • the moral/ethical life
  • judgment and action
  • conscience and self-refection
  • mimesis, reflection, and representation
  • interiority, familiarity, the ordinary
  • exteriority, exile, estrangement
  • the problem(s) of consciousness, hard and soft
  • meaning and intention (of artists, characters, readers, critics, etc.)
  • surface reading, depth reading
  • close reading, distant reading
  • critique and postcritique
  • characters, persons, selves, individuals, subjects, entities, etc.
  • character and character development
  • narrativity and nonnarrativity in art and in life
  • authenticity and inauthenticity, the proper and improper
  • being-with, being-in-the-world, being-toward-death
  • intersubjectivity and the lifeworld
  • relationality and intersectionality
  • interiority, intentionality, and the Internet
  • the digital; connectivity, reflexivity, anonymity
  • space, place, the horizon, the frame
  • architecture and the built environment
  • ecology, anthropocene
  • the hidden, the wild
  • human and nonhuman life
  • mental and corporeal life
  • subjectivism and objectivism
  • interiority and the unconscious
  • self-reflection and narcissism
  • autonomy and autopoiesis