Undergraduate Education and the Humanities

A PAL Symposium

Friday Jan 30.
FHI Garage
Smith Warehouse, Bay 4.
Duke University
Followed by light lunch!

Introduction by Richard Powell, Dean of the Humanities at Duke’s Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

Speakers: Paula Findlen (History, Stanford), Sean Kelly (Philosophy, Harvard), and James Simpson (English, Harvard).

How can we convey the insights and excitement of the humanities to today’s undergraduates? Come to hear our speakers and contribute to the discussion! Let’s use our speakers’ insights to discuss what we might be able to do at Duke! At the end of the symposium, PAL will offer everyone a chance to continue the conversation over a light lunch.

About our speakers:

Sean Kelly and James Simpson are co-authors (with other Harvard faculty members) of The Teaching of The Arts and the Humanities at Harvard: Mapping the Future.

Paula Findlen is a historian of science of technology, who also maintains a strong public presence as a blogger and writer on higher education. Her most recent piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education deals with graduate education, but also contains some elements of her vision for a humanities education for undergraduates.

Undergraduate Education and the Humanities