Presenting PAL’s 2015 Spring Event Schedule! Highlights include a symposium on Undergraduate Education and the Humanities, the 3rd Writing is Thinking, and a reading group on Hannah Arendt. We hope to see you there!

All events will be held in the FHI Garage, Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, Duke University


Jan 15, 5:30pm. “The Work of Literature: Event, Invention, History”

A Lecture by Derek Attridge

Reception at 5pm. More details to come.


Jan 20, 7pm. First Meeting: Hannah Arendt Reading Group

Meeting every second Tuesday spring 2015. Led by Toril Moi.


Jan 27, 7pm**. Writing Group Workshop. Several Short Sentences about Writing.

       Part of 2015 Writing is Thinking. Light supper at 6:30pm. **Time changed (prev. 6pm)


Jan 30, 10am-12:30. Undergraduate Education and the Humanities

       A PAL Symposium for humanities faculty. Light lunch served following.


Feb 10, 5:30pm. How to Live with Others: A History of Interpersonal Distance.

       A PAL Forum talk by Corina Stan, PAL Visiting Scholar 2014-2015. Reception at 5pm.


Feb 19, 5:30pm. PAL Forum: Presentation by Salla Peltonen

       A talk by PAL Visiting Scholar 2013-2015. Reception at 5pm.


**Feb 25-26** The 3rd Biennial WRITING IS THINKING

With Verlyn Klinkenborg!


Mar 3, 7pm. PAL Forum: Film Screening “Hannah Arendt”

Film by Margarethe von Trotta.  RSVP to Supper at 6:30.


April 9, 5pm. Intellectual Women Series: Hannah Arendt

Speakers: Lori Marso (Political Science, Gender Studies, Union College) & Ella Myers (Political Science, Gender Studies, University of Utah). Reception at 4:30pm.


April 21, 5:30pm. J.L. Austin Now: A Symposium

Panel with Sandra Laugier (Philosophy, Sorbonne, Paris), Estelle Ferrarese

(Political Science, Strasbourg), and Sarah Beckwith (English, Duke).